Dealer computer diagnostics of BMW: E30, E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E39, E46.


  • Original hardware and software
  • Scanning all BMW electronic control units
  • Reading, decoding and deleting errors of all ECUs
  • View and analyze real-time readings
  • Programming and coding blocks
  • Tuning and adaptation of gasoline engines
  • Fine tuning and adjustment of diesel engines
  • Setting up and adjusting the mixture for lambda-free firmware
  • Setting up and adjusting the mixture for lambda-free firmware...


I specialize in old BMW bodies. I take later bodies if I have free time.



I am the best BMW diagnostician.



I have carried out more than 1000 computer diagnostics of various BMWs, this is 5 years of work. I know how any BMW component works. If I haven’t found electrical faults using DIS — NOBODY will find them. This means there is a mechanical fault. In this case, I completely excluded the influence of electrical equipment from its cause.


I don't repair BMWs. I'm:

  • Not a mechanic
  • Not an electrician
  • Not a healer
  • Not an exorcist...


DIS cannot determine the cause of slight engine vibration or shaking. But, using knock sensors, I can find out the vibration level in each cylinder. This will allow you to narrow down further troubleshooting to one specific cylinder..



Price: 2000 rubles



OldBMW — this is a BMW dealer computer diagnostics in Kaliningrad: E30, E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E39, E46. Documentations, manuals and instructions for BMW computer diagnostics using MoDiC, GT1, EDIC and DIS. And also my hobby, which I do in my free time. Over time, all the information I have on the topic of BMW computer diagnostics will appear on the site. I do not consider all this information secret and do not see the point in hiding it from clients or competitors. There are fewer and fewer good specialists in computer diagnostics every year, and I will only be happy to share my knowledge with others. Use, learn and develop.


Kaliningrad, Moskovsky prospect, 40